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Helping Bloggers & Entrepreneurs Sell More Through Impactful, Dynamic Content

Blog Strategy

Tailored strategies to help you create better content, set worthwhile goals, manage your blog with efficiency, and supercharge affiliate sales. In this package you’ll receive templates, guidelines, printables, and the whole shebang.

Creative Writing

Eloquent writing to bait your readers into getting hooked and engaged. Ditch monotonous content and wield my treasure-trove of knowledge, research skills, and reliability to propel your business with content people want to read.

Words Can Make or Break Your Business

Reach a Wider Audience with the Right Words. Get Your Readers Hooked with THE RIGHT BAIT

Let’s go fishing. Your business depends on readers. Together, we can transform the people visiting your blog and sales page into recurring customers and supporters.

Research-backed, credible content

Meticulously crafted

Amazingly Expressive

Search engine and people friendly

Blog Writing

Conversational, engaging, and energetic content to infuse your readers with motivation and grit.

E-book Creation

Short and long-form e-books to distribute as freebies, lead magnets, or paid products.

Creative Writing

Enamor, entertain, and entice your readers through rhythmic, poetic, and fictional masterpieces.


Powerful and persuasive words to sell your brand, products, or services.

  Work with Me,

There’s a plethora of reasons why we’d make awesome business partners, but I’m a straight shooter and I respect your time. I’ve made the list sweet and spicy for your eyes to run over.  

A Decade of Writing Experience Wrapped Around my Belt
A Scribe Boasting Integrity & Good Business Acumen
Results-Oriented & Time-Driven
Reliable with Strong Communication Skills
A "Get It Right the First Time" Kind of Gal


Welcome to my cosy, dynamic space on the interweb.

Why not linger a bit?

I’m Samantha, the face behind this well-decorated and character-filled website.

As a Caribbean-based scribe and self-proclaimed poetess, I help busy entrepreneurs and bloggers become more productive and time-efficient. I help you reserve and invest positive vibes into other aspects of your business while I manoeuvre the content wagon.

In short, I write so you don’t have to.

With reliable, trustworthy fingers and over a decade of writing experience, sleep easy knowing the content aspect of your business is well tended to.

I use the right bait, through the written art, to sell your brand to prevent you from undertaking the painstaking process of choosing the right words to incite your readers to action.

Writing is an art, and while you’re doing amazing things with your business, wearing all the hats can become tiresome.

 Rest easy knowing you’ve found your ‘get it right the first time’ kind of gal to ease the pressure you face in getting content published in a timely fashion.


Samantha was part of a team of writers in the aromatherapy niche. She is brilliantly able to adapt her tone and style to different needs, as we found out when we changed direction. She is professional and also has a really great attitude.”

I contracted with Samantha Burris to optimize the keywords and recipe titles on my food blog. I found her professional, efficient, personable, knowledgeable and flexible. Most of the pages she revised rank higher now in Go …

Samantha is an amazing VA! She is very knowledgeable and well versed in SEO and everything online marketing related. She is very quick to respond to emails and other forms of communication. She has great suggestions for things …”

Find Your Scribe. Put Meaningful Content Out There. Watch Your Business Soar.

You’ve likely worked with other writers before but experienced a series of distasteful encounters.

I get it; stuff happens. But, why should you allow a venture that clothes, shelters, and feeds your family to fail because of a few bad apples?

Regardless of those failed partnerships, you can have success in your business by searching tirelessly for a reliable, results-oriented writer. 

As Theodore Roosevelt puts it:

“Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure… than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.” 

Being in business is all about taking risks. You never know what will happen, but you take them nonetheless, because there’s the possibility that something beautiful will blossom from it.

A few years ago, did you know that your business would have matured to this stage? 

Take the risk and hire a writer who has a proven track record and several years in the industry.

Are you Still Dawdling? Get in Touch and Get to Know Me and How I Can Help Your Business.