Mankind’s One True Enemy Doesn’t Discriminate

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Mankind has a common enemy. While one nation draws up battle gears against another and people of the same household give birth to dissent, this enemy schemes to consume the feeble, strong, and mighty. 

This brute of an enemy steals the lives of countless infants, spits in the face of the rich, and laughs at the poor. This unbiased foe isn’t impressed by your extravagant home, the fancy car parked in your garage,  the gracefulness of your skin, or the labels you wear. Its only interest lies in the breath you breathe; the very substance that keeps you going. 

This enemy is unpredictable, ruthless. It doesn’t linger for convenience, nor does it care about your lows or highs. 

This enemy isn’t partial, and if it had a heart, it’d be frozen over. 

A Formidable Foe We Cannot Overthrow 

Death isn’t the typical enemy we encounter each day. We all expect it to happen, but when it does, the news can be shocking, even crippling. 

The deterioration of her condition was rapid. A miracle was needed to get her back to a good place. Maybe her undoing was expected, but no one wished to state such. She had the BIG C, the bad one. 

The disease was active, and when we initially spoke, she mentioned that it had spread all over her body, just consuming what’s left of her good cells. 

Chemotherapy wasn’t an option. She had enough of that, after already getting about 200 or so sessions. A strong woman she was, and regardless of her condition, she never got the opportunity to worry about herself but tried to care for her husband and children.

She passed away on October 26, 2019, a bright, yet sad Sunday afternoon. The news got to me Monday evening, and I told my husband when he got home from work. 

It had us thinking. How is it that we get to live together for years, build empires, bear children, weather storms, knowing that one day one of us will watch the breath of the other slip away? 

How do we undo death? How do we stop it in its tracks? How do we stop the inevitable? 

Mankind’s Quest for Forever 

It’s apparent, mankind was carved with a burning desire to live forever. It’s engraved within our hearts, even though it’s elusive. 

We fear death, and even the very man who sniffs the lives of others cowers when death knocks at his door. 

Mankind’s quest for forever has been ongoing. Alchemists in China, who lived in the fourth century, created an elixir that they thought would prolong their lives. The concoction was rife with mercury and arsenic elements. As you can imagine, those who took this elixir met their doom. It was said to cause the undoing of many Chinese emperors. 

Today, mankind still continues to search for a way to cheat death. Scientists continue to study the human cell and have purported more than 300 theories in an attempt to explain the reason behind old age and death. 

Success has been had by some molecular biologists who have manipulated genes to slow down the aging process. Even Elizabeth Blackburn and her team have brought to the fore an enzyme that slows down cell aging. Despite it all, we still die. 

Science clearly cannot conquer death; who can? 

At the end of it all, my goal is to live a satisfying life, not one focused on self-indulgence or gratification. My life should be rich in meaning and purpose. It should be impactful, and one that my friends and relatives will remember. 

Since mankind’s enemy, death, remains impartial, let us all grow in love and widen out in our affection. We don’t know when death will come, but we can leave our touch on hearts. 

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