I’m Samantha (Sammy, Lola, Andromache, Deineira… call me whichever) a stay at home wife grinding hard on the daily as a Creative Writer and Serial Blogger. I’m a pizza hogging junkie who spends too much time researching about entomology and exploring online opportunities.

As a self-proclaimed poetess with a rather unhealthy fetish for books, my life is pretty much simple and quiet. When I’m not annoying the life out of my husband, Clarence, I’m either grinding at the desk or getting frustrated around my 1974 sewing machine. 

Hailed from the tropical island of Jamaica, my childhood days were spent lingering at the sea with a rod in hand. I dig hanging with hubby and if I had all the time in the world to spend on TV shows, I’d probably be watching “Courage the Cowardly Dog Show’. While my side hustle is done indoors, my husband and I are full-time ministers of the good news; hence, we spend a great deal of hours voluntarily teaching people from the Bible at their homes.


Prior to working as a professional writer, I labored in several other capacities. After a year of teaching Principles of Business and English Language, I discovered that the classroom was definitely not for me. I’ve always wanted to study law (which I partially did, Business Law to be exact) but my passion for computers led me to study computer programming at a local college.

Subsequent to completing my studies, I settled for a job out of my hometown as an SEO Content Writer. My professional online journey commenced as a means to an end. I was about to get married and after calculating the costs and responsibilities associated with being a married woman, I decided that I needed to be at home where I could take care of my family. SO… a week before exchanging vows, I left my 9-5 as an SEO Content Writer to make my side hustle a full-time career.


… and I’ve never been happier.

Working online has definitely changed my perspective on making a living and sharing the knowledge I have with others who are seeking online opportunities.

I’ve worked with some incredible clients, hired a few extraordinary and industrious freelancers, and pretty much delved into so many aspects of Internet income.

Today, I’m helping my clients get seen and reach their target audience through actionable copy that works. I also help clients find economical alternatives to their marketing strategy, whether through available information, free tools, and consultation. 

My clientele is pretty diverse, as I’ve worked with clients around the world and in various industries. I’ve worked with food bloggers, tech and software moguls, home and garden experts, essential oil distributors, Aromatherapists, digital marketers, and even other virtual assistants who are simply looking to make their mark.

I absolutely love what I do and wouldn’t give up this digital nomad life to return to a 9-5. My aspiration is to build my business and my affiliate marketing empire. I also have a few eBooks and a physical product in the making that will absolutely help my audience thrive in their personal lives and be more productive.

As I take this journey, my goal is to inspire people – most importantly my husband who recently took the plunge and ditched his 9-5.

Can I inspire you in any way? How can I help you and your business succeed online and get the attention it deserves?

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