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Bryan Austin

Samantha is an absolute writing and aromatherapy genius (literally). Her writing skills and range were beyond acceptable. She wrote an entire essential oil ebook that covered sleep, digestion, chronic pain, stress & anxiety, general wellness, and skincare that was not only extremely well written but thoroughly researched. I later expanded my content strategy so I brought her back for additional blog and content writing where she demonstrated her ability to vary between different writing styles.

She used story to communicate various topics that aroused emotions and generated curiosity combined with humor that entertained my audience. Her blend of tactics and styles ultimately won over my readers and had them consistently coming back for more. She always delivered beyond my expectations and on time (often ahead of schedule). She is by far my go-to writer. Thank you!”

--- Essential Oil Insiders

I would defiantly recommend her to anyone...

"Samantha is a very talented writer and overall good worker. She is very polite, insightful and funny. It was a pleasure getting to know her. I would defiantly recommend her to anyone that needs a skilled and witty writer. I will definitely use her again in the future."

MARCIA B. MAXWELL  //  Fashion Designer & Business Owner (

Lara Clevenger - Registered Dietitian

Samantha does things in minutes that would take me hours to do...

Samantha is an amazing VA! She is very knowledgeable and well-versed in SEO and everything online marketing related. She is very quick to respond to emails and other forms of communication.

She has great suggestions for things that I didn’t even know my business needed. Samantha does things in minutes that would take me hours to do. She is my go-to VA for all-things SEO and keyword research.

LARA CLEVENGER  //  Dietitian & Food Blogger (

Marzanne Harper

Samantha was part of a team of writers in the aromatherapy niche. She is brilliantly able to adapt her tone and style to different needs, as we found out when we changed direction. She is professional and also has a really great attitude.

Sam does not stick to one set of boring words, but really brings the article to life.

I also had the absolute minimum of editing to do. This really lightened my load of work! She was also excellent in keeping to deadlines and we will keep using her services whenever needed.

--- GAEA Royals

I contracted with Samantha Burris to optimize the keywords and recipe titles on my food blog. I found her professional, efficient, personable, knowledgeable and flexible. Most of the pages she revised rank higher now in Google search, which translates to more organic page views.

Samantha patiently answered all of my questions and provided thorough explanations. I’m so happy with her work that I have contracted her to work on another project. I highly recommend her services.

Kimberly Hardesty - Low Carb Maven

Kim Hardesty

Low Carb Maven

Samantha updated a couple of articles about essential oils for my website Before I hired her, these articles were outdated and didn’t provide the best information.

But she came in and did a wonderful job by adding well-researched information and her personal expertise with aromatherapy. I’d definitely recommend hiring her for any writing project!

Steve Scott

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